Middle Eastern Cuisine
Featuring Syrian And Lebanese Dishes

Palmyra’s Kitchen specialise in home-cooked Middle Eastern cuisine to bring you a taste of the Syria and Lebanon. Our cosy restaurant in Finsbury Park, North London aims to introduce you to Syrian food and satisfy your love of Lebanese food, Middle Eastern meze, healthy salads, hearty stews and grilled meats.

Our restaurant, Palmyra’s Kitchen, takes its name from a famous historical area in Syria. We invite you into the kitchens of Syria and Lebanon to taste the delicious food eaten by the people who live there now and in the past.

Middle Eastern Cuisine Is Delicious And Healthy

Middle Eastern cuisine is renowned for being healthy because of the fresh, vibrant ingredients and cooking methods. There are subtle differences between Syrian and Lebanese food. Syrian dishes tend to have more fruit such as pomegranate, apricots and dates. It is usually rustic in appearance while Lebanese dishes pay more attention to the presentation. 

Take A Look At Our Middle Eastern Menu

Whether you want to dine at our restaurant in Finsbury Park, London N4, order take-away or have food delivered to your door, please take a look at our menu. We cater for vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters and fish-lovers. We recommend sharing a mix of hot and cold Mezza / Meze dishes if you are dining with friends or try the set menus. Our Falafel is particularly good as are our stuffed aubergines. If you are starving, you might want to feast on the mixed grill.